factory price industrial crude new type automatic palm fruirt oil press extraction milling machine


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Production Capacity:



1 year

After-sales Service Provided:

Video technical support, Online support, Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:



Palm Oil




82 tones

Automatic Grade:





Cold & Hot Pressing Machine





Product name:

Crude Palm Oil Extraction Process

Raw material:

Palm FFB

Bleaching earth consumption:

5~50Kg/T oil


carbon steel or stainless steel

Engineering service:

Installation and testing and training on site

production capacity:

ity: 30TPD,50TPD,60TPD,80TPD,100TPD


Oil Production Line

Heating method:

Steam heating


as required

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
4 Set/Sets per Month palm oil processing plant

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Packaging Details
factory price industrial crude new type automatic palm fruirt oil press extraction milling machine”>plywood,international standard trading packing

factory price industrial crude new type automatic palm fruirt oil press extraction milling machine

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Product Description

This palm oil plant is fully automatic. It requires less workers and improves the working efficiency. 

Advantages of palm oil plant:

1.Some of our technology adopts Germany standard, and some equipment parts are imported
2.Our stainless steel and carbon steel are all purchased directly from the steel factor with high quality control.so we can guarantee the quality.
3.All of our welding technicians have the employment certificates and with many many years experience.
4.We provide installation ,commissioning, training and other oversea services

Technology Process

A. Palm oil processing line pressing workshop introduction

1. Raw materials storage section 
2. Sterilizing section 
3. Threshing section 
4. Pressing section 
5.Clarification section
6.Finished oil storage and transportation section 
7. Fiber separation section  
8. Kernel recovery section
9.Steam-supply section 
10.Power-supply section 
11.Raw water treatment section
12. Sewage treatment section

(1)Raw materials receiving: Fresh palm fruit bunch will be loaded on a slope. Under the slope, there are some cages to receive the palm fruits.
(2)Sterilizing: fresh palm fruits bunch are airtight sterilized in sterilizer. The purpose to prevent enzymes broken down, avoiding FFA content in oil further increase.
(3)Threshing: The purpose of threshing is the oil palm fruits separated from the fruit bunch through strong vibration.
(4)Pressing: Oil palm fruit pressed is divided into two parts: oil, water, solid impurities mixture and the press cake (fiber and nuclear). Oil, water, solid impurities mixture by the crude oil gutter inflow to oil purificationsection; press cake by breaking screw conveyor into the fiber- recovery section.

Palm fruit reception station

Transport FFB to reception station, open the hydraulic door, FFB be conveyed to sterilizing station.

Palm fruit sterilizing station

Fresh palm fruit string into the kill fermenter, sealed fermentation. Fermentative purpose in order to prevent enzyme decomposition, so as to avoid further increase in the content of free fatty acids in oil; facilitate mechanical threshing; pretreatment of peel, preparation for subsequent processing; Preconditioning kernel, reducing kernel damage.

Palm fruit threshing station:

The purpose of threshing is to separate the oil palm from the fruit by vigorous vibrations, and the decorticating equipment is a drum-type fruit removal machine. Separation of the oil palm into the press section. Empty fruit strings are discharged from the other end of the drum to the yard, or shipped out of the factory area for recycling of palm orchard coverings or on-site burning as fertilizer applied to the farmland.

Palm fruit press machine

Oil palm before pressing to be cooking, will kill leavening,The reheated fruit softens the flesh and destroys the flesh Cell structure. Cook into the continuous screw press squeeze.After the oil palm oil is squeezed into two parts: oil, water, A mixture of solid impurities and press cake (fiber and core).Oil, water, a mixture of solid impurities through the hair tank into the oil Chemical sector; pressed cake through the broken screwdriver into the fiber recovery section

B.Plam oil clarification station introduction

Use vibrated sifting filter to remove residues like fiber in the crude palm oil, then the oil enter into the passivating tank.

C.Palm oil processing line refining workshop introduction

1.Degumming and Deacidification Section
2.Decolorizing Section
3.Deodorization Section

(1)Degumming: This is the most important section of hydrate de-gumming, manage the adding water (there is a little P-acid in the water) amount, temperature and add water speed, usually water adding amount is about 3 times of phospholipid content, that is 3-10% oil weight, water temp needs to be higher than oil temp.

(2)Deacidification:This part adopt alkali refining method, that is use alkalis like (NaOH) to neutral the free fatty acid in oil, during this process it will produce soapstock , then separated from the oil by setting several hours. NAOH solution, not only neutral free fatty acid, also can act with other matters like protein, mucus, phospholipid, pigment. After settling, release the soapstock from the tank bottom. Adding hot water to rinse, remove off the leftover lye , soap and some unhydrated phospholipid in the oil. Finally pumping out soapstock from the tank bottom

(3)Decolorization: In normal situation , there is pigment in the crude oil , we need to using the active clay to absorb the pigment away , after 20 mins , we use the vibrating filter to filter the waste clay away . If you want to get light color oil , you need to add more active clay . That is mean , the customer can accord to his requirement to control the oil color. This process is carried out under the vacuum condition.

D. Palm oil processing line fractionation workshop introduction

1.Palm oil filtration
2.Cooling and crystallization
3.Palm oil fractionation

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Relevant Specifications

                                         Specifications for This Palm Oil Palnt

Palm FFB Pressing Line




Raw Material

Food grade


Oil Output



Palm Kernel Pressing Line




Raw Material

Food grade


Oil Output



Crude Oil Refining and Fractionation




Raw Material

Food grade


Oil Output



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Packing and Delivery



Ship, express or Air


In containers

Shipping Details

The normal shipping method is by sea. We also accept Air Transporting if you are in urgent need.
You can contact your own shipping agent or ask us to arrange shipping for you.

Our Company

Wuhan HDC is a Professional and modern grain and oil machinery engineering equipment manufacturer integrating research, manufacturing and installation. We have obtained rich experience and practice in palm fruit oil machine, vegetable oil pretreatment, prepress,extraction, sophisticated technology and equipment designs etc, owing wide international market in more than 130 countries and regions.
With more than 30 years of experience on oil making machine, we provide a comprehensive range of products 
We are proud to guarantee that, with our strong technical background and communication capability, our sales/support engineers are able to answer your most complicated technical questions over the phone in English. That would save a lot of time for communication.
The following pictures show our company and customers in our workshop.

Our service:

Pre-sales service

1.Quick response

2.Detailed quotation

3.Professional production and transportation solution

After-sales service

1.Warranty policy one year from shipment
2. We will send you the replacement after received the broken part
3. Evaluate the customs risk and choose safest shipping company before shipping.
4. Follow status up time by time until the goods arrived.



What is the warranty of the machines?
12 months free guanantee and life long standard paid service.

What is the raw material of your machinery?
Stainless steel and carbon steel.

When can I get the price?
Within 24 hours, if urgent, please directly contact us.

How to ask quotation?
Please inform us your crude oil specifications and your target capacity per day, then we will send our proposal as soon as possible.

How many areas are required to build the plant refinery? 
The land area required usually depends on the capacity of your plant. We can calculate the area needed and give you the plant designs.

How long will it take to get my products?
In general, it will take us 45-120 days to make the machinery, and 3-7days to shipping port.

Can you install the production line and train our stuffs for free?
Yes we can. We'll send engineers to help you install the equipment and train your workers freely.