Foot Mounted Planetary Gear Speed Reducer


Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Model Number:


Rated Power:

0.18~7.5 Kw

Gearing Arrangement:


Output Torque:

1.8~1,002 N.m

Input Speed:


Output Speed:

2~950 R/min

Mounting type:

Horizontal, Vertical

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
100 Unit/Units per Week

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
standard export package
china main port
Lead Time
within 30 days

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JWB-X, MB, UDL Serial Variable Speed Motor:

Product Description

Brief Introduction:

Planet cone disk friction type stepless speed variator is a kind of advance stepless speed variatordevice at home and abroad. The product conforms to the standard JB/T6950-93 Planet cone disk stepless speed variator. It features simple structure, reliable performance, a large speed variation range (the ratio between the highest transmitted speed and the lowest transmitted speed is 5:1), agile and reliable speed adjustment, small size, low noise and easy maintenance etc. It suitable for continuous operation and the speed can be adjusted with load according to the real need. It is most applicable to the circumstances where multi variable technical parameters and continuous variation are required. Therefore it can be used as a power transmission in automatic production lines of all industries and as a continuously variable transmission in all scientific and research institutions. Especially it most suitable for use in automatic production lines of ceramics, drinks, foodstuff, electronics, leather tanning, chemical, textile, carpentry and other industries.

Structure & Principle:

The outside of the conical shaped plant wheel is pressed between the fixed ring and the speed adjust cam, inside pressed between the driver and the press ring. The drive and the press ring are pressed by the dish spring. When the motor drives the driver, the planet wheels purely roll. For the fixed ring and the speed adjust cam are static, the planet wheel revolver around the carrier while rotating, and drives the carrier through the shaft of the planet wheel and the bushing. Turning of the hand wheel changes the angle of the speed adjusts am and through its canber, makes the speed adjust cam move in axial direction. So the space changes between the speeds adjust cam and the fixed ring, and the planet wheel cam move outside, and the revolution speed gets slower. When the space gets smaller, the planet wheels move inside, and the revolution speed gets faster. Thus the objective of variation is obtained. In brevity, turn the hand wheel at certain position, the planet wheels are well distributed at correspondent positions, and the stable output speed is available on the output shaft.

JWB-X, MB, UDL Variable Speed Motor Combined with B Series Cycloidal Reducer and R, S, K, F Series Helical Gearmotors etc. other transmission parts: