reductor gear box High efficiency deceleration machine


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Electric Motor Speed Reducer

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reductor gear box High efficiency deceleration machine

General reducer and special reducer design selection method is the biggest difference is that the former is applicable to various industries, but can only according to the working conditions of a specific design, so when the user needs according to their own requirements to consider different correction coefficient, the factory should choose according to actual motor power (not reducer rated power);Which is designed according to user’s special condition, the coefficient, when the design generally have been considered, chooses as long as meet when using power less than or equal to the rated power of the speed reducer, the method is relatively simple.

General reducer is generally rated power each use (condition) coefficient of KA = 1 (motor or turbine as the prime mover, smooth machine work load, work every day 3 ~ 10 h, start times, 5 times or less per hour allowed torque startup torque for the work of 2 times), contact strength safety coefficient SH material 1, single failure probability of gear material 1%, calculate and determine the conditions of such as.

The rated power of the selected reducer shall be satisfied

PC = P2 * KS * KA KR PN or less

Where, PC — computing power (KW);

Rated power of PN – reducer (KW);

P2 — working machine power (KW);

KA – using coefficient, considering the influence of working condition;

KS – startup coefficient, considering the influence of start-up times;

KR – reliability coefficient, considering different reliability requirements.

Countries around the world use the same coefficient of use.Although many samples didn’t reflect on KS \ KR two coefficient, but because the bosom friend (working condition requirements for its clear), knowledge (features) on the performance of the gear reducer, model selection of the abroad generally have left a large amount of rich, equivalent to have considered the influence of KR \ KS.

Due to the use of different occasions, the important degree of different, the damage to the personal safety and production loss caused by the size different, maintenance easy, so for the reducer reliability requirement is not the same.The coefficient KR is the reliability required to modify the reliability of the original design.It complies with ISO6336, GB3480 and AGMA2001 – B88 standards for calculating gear strength.Some domestic users have not yet issued the requirement for the reliability of the reducer, which can be according to the design rules of the general special reducer (SH > 1.25, failure probability less than 1/1000). For more important occasions, KR=1.25=1.56.[4]

Heat balance check:

General the value of the allowable thermal power of gear reducer under the condition of the specific conditions (general environmental temperature 20 ℃, 100% per hour, continuous operation, power utilization rate of 100%), according to the lubrication balance to allow for maximum temperature (85 ℃).

The condition is not corrected simultaneously by the corresponding coefficient (sometimes synthesized into a coefficient).

The selected reducer shall be satisfied

PCt = P2 * KW * KT KP Pt or less

Where, PCt — calculate thermal power (KW);

KT — environmental temperature coefficient;

KW – operating cycle coefficient;

KP – power utilization factor;

Allowable thermal power (KW) for Pt – reducer.

Check shaft load:

General reducer often must be around the middle of the input shaft and output shaft axis and allow the biggest under radial load limits, should be check, should be to the factory more than put forward bold trunnion and increase bearing requirements.

Lubrication and maintenance

Before putting into operation, install the recommended type and value of grease in the reducer.The reducer is lubricated by lubricating oil.For the vertically mounted reducer, additional lubrication measures are adopted in view of the possibility that the lubricating oil cannot guarantee the reliable lubrication of the top bearing.

Before running, inject proper amount of lubricating oil into the reducer.The reducer is usually equipped with injection hole and drain plug.Therefore, the installation location must be specified when ordering the reducer.

Working oil temperature should not exceed 80 ℃.

The combined reducer with lifelong lubrication is fully filled with synthetic oil in the manufacturing plant. In addition, the reducer is usually supplied without lubricating oil and with injection plug and discharge plug.The number of decelerator lubricants listed in this sample is only an estimate.The position of the oil level plug is set according to the installation position specified at the time of ordering to ensure the correct oil injection. The fuel injection amount of the reducer should be determined according to different installation methods.If the transmission power exceeds the heat capacity of the reducer, an external cooling device must be provided.