China high quality Speed Reducer Best Price for Gear Reducer Gearbox with high quality

Product Description

Speed Reducer Best price for gear reducer gear


Product Description

ZTIC can design and product all series cylindrical gear reducers used in building  materials  industry,  including JGF Centre drive two-stage parallel axis of hard-toothed surface reducer , MGF Centre drive level-3 parallel axis of hard-toothed surface reducer, and MB More meshing edge drive reducer.

1998 – 2000Nm Reducer
1993 – Planetary Reducer – Model ZJ2240 (building materials industry)
1997 – Reducer – Model SZJ3500 (ship lifting)
2000 – Reducer – Model Kf300 (metallurgy)
2005 – Center Driving Reducer – Model JGF-355 (building materials industry)
2005 – Reducer – Model KRC2400 (metallurgy)
2005 – Herringbone Reducer – 850
2006 – Reducer – Model TGF1550 (sugar press)
can design and product various types of ZZ series planet gear reducer, and ZJ series planet gear reducer which professionally for the mills of building industry. The ZZ series, including single-stage,two-stage,triple and single grade derived,the two-stage derived planetary gear reducer .The reducers are widely used in mining, metallurgy, petrol chemical, energy, building, lifting transport, etc.

ZZ/ZJ series Planetary gear reducer
ZJA series planetary gear reducer, its technical characteristics are: bring about using 2 stage gear transmission bring round the sun, the planets wheel adopts advanced nickel chrome steel, after carburizing and quenching heat treatment gear grinding, precision up to GB/T10095 level is above 6; inner gear ring is made of high chrome molybdenum steel after tempering process, the accuracy of GB/T10095 magnitude 7 bring the floating element and drum gear coupling, guarantee the planet wheel is between transmission efficiency of not less than 0.96 bring bring reducer reducer service life not less than 10 years.

Product Parameters

Technical performance table of ZJA planetary Reducer and gear reducer gearbox

No. Power(kw) Reducer type

Rotational speed


Rotation rate Lubrication method Oil number Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg)
1 630 ZJA1250 750 36~44


Concentrated circulation lubrication




Medium load industrial gear oil

2 800 ZJA1400 2135 1880 530 870 11000
3 1000 ZJA1600 2270 2090 570 965 15000
4 1250 ZJA1820 2430 2390 670 1110 22776
5 1600 ZJA2060 600 37~41          

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Hardness: Gear Reducer
Installation: Gear Reducer
Layout: Gear Reducer
Gear Shape: Gear Reducer
Step: Gear Reducer
Type: Gear Reducer


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China high quality Speed Reducer Best Price for Gear Reducer Gearbox   with high quality China high quality Speed Reducer Best Price for Gear Reducer Gearbox   with high quality
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